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#1: Billions in profits

The Scientific Games proposal includes industry-leading products that will generate a variety of benefits for the state, including an estimated $27 billion in total economic impact over the 10-year contract period.

#2: Just 9 hours…

The annual price difference between Scientific Games and the second place bidder is expected to be eliminated in just 9 hours of Lottery sales.

#3: Racetrax

Scientific Games proposal includes the Racetrax monitor game, the most popular monitor game in world behind Keno, currently generating more than $160 million in annual Maryland Lottery retail sales, and is estimated to generate an incremental $300 million in profit for the State during the contract.

#4: Brick & Mortar

Despite the allegations of Scientific Games’ competitors, internet lottery sales are not even factored into the more than $1 billion in incremental sales Scientific Games is projected to generate for the State and its Lottery retailers.

#5: Buy American

Scientific Games is the only United States company in the lottery system and ticket manufacturing industry.

#6: Job Growth

Scientific Games is estimated to provide $51 million in employment compensation and anticipates 85 full-time jobs for Maryland residents as a direct result of the contract.

Scientific Games is great at providing expert knowledge of games and promotion.

Shawn Jamal, Route 40 BP, Baltimore, MD

Scientific Games continues to supply me with all the necessary materials to make my Lottery business run.

Riche Patel, Soda Pop Shop #8, Baltimore, MD

We are very satisfied with the [Scientific Games] product and with the service that makes customers feel respected and valued.

Nazir Jahan, Normandy Crown, Cantonsville, MD

I have done business with Scientific Games for a long time. I admire their hard work and effort and would like to thank them for whatever they have done.

Dharmesh Shah, EZ Convenience Store two locations and Sunflower Shell Gas Station, Baltimore, MD

Our Scientific Games Tel-Sell rep is always very friendly and lets us know what is new at his store. This has increased our business with more people playing and staying at the store to get their winnings.

Nick and Nilam Patel, Foods In 4289-8101, Waldorf, MD

I regularly see our Scientific Games’ Marketing Analyst or Sales Representative. They really take care of all our needs. They’re always a phone call away.

Barry “Rocco” Gottesman, One Stop, Reisterstown, MD

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